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my_otp's Journal

My OPT // claim your otp
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Welcome to my_otp. This community was a brainchild of mine, and I'm sorry if it's similiar to anything else out there. It works a bit like a claiming community. You claim a couple; your otp. They can be from television, animation, movies, comics, video games, ANYTHING. Here is a quick rundown of how it works:

1] Join the community. No-brainer, no?
2] Reply to this post with your application, which is provided on the post.
3] Once approved, you will be given posting access.
4] Now you will be able to do anything you want. As long as your post pertains to your couple, it's fine. You may post - icons, graphics in general, fanfiction, quotes, favorite pictures, fanart, fanfiction, songs that remind you of the couple and/or soundtracks, ANYTHING. I ask that all fanfiction, large graphics, and 3+ icons be put behind an lj-cut.

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As noted before, claim your subject here. You are allowed ONE claim; hence 'OTP'. If your couple has already been claimed, I am sorry, but there is nothing you can do. No sharing, at least as of right now. If we get a lot of members I may change this, but as for now, no. Don't have a hissy-fit if your couple is taken. It's first come, first serve.

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Ah, yes, the rules. Everyone has 'em, and we're not an exception.

1] Absolutely NO FIGHTING. This is my biggest concern. I don't care if someone else's favorite couple is your least favorite. For example; my favorite couple is Sawyer and Kate from LOST. My best friend? Well, her favorite is Jack and Kate. But we're still civil to one another, and I expect everyone to do the same.
2] Try to keep the language and other more-explicit content to a minimum.
3] When posting fanfiction, please include a rating, and brief summary at the least. If the story is above PG-13, also include why [is it for language, sexual content, etc]

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Please reply here to become one.

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Q: What is an 'OTP'?
A: It means 'one true pairing'. Your all time favorite couple, out of everything.

Got one? Ask it here

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xblackvelvet - Creator, moderator, lover of Kate/Sawyer.